10 Life Lessons I Wish Every Mom Would Teach Her Preteen Girl

by Polyne K.
life lessons

Every girl needs to be equipped with valuable life lessons . At least, that is according to the world bank overview.

Yes mama,

They need to be well-equipped with the essential tools to navigate life’s challenges and make wise choices.

No wonder life gives them parents and guardians.

The preteen years mark a critical transitional phase in a young girl’s life.

According to Dr. Mario, a family therapist, and physiologist, you should begin girl talks when your daughter is about 7-8 years.

This is the period where she begins to develop her womanhood senses.

She also may start to examine herself and face new experiences about gender and sexuality.

During this time, you have a unique opportunity to impart valuable life lessons that will shape her character and empower her for the future.

This blog post will explore ten essential life lessons every preteen daughter should learn early on.

From building self-esteem and fostering resilience to nurturing empathy, these lessons serve as a foundation for personal growth, empowerment, and happiness.

Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the keys to guiding our daughters toward a confident, compassionate, and fulfilling life ahead.

10 Life Lessons To Teach Your Preteen Daughters

important life lessons


1. Taking Care of Your Private Parts is a Personal Responsibility

Teaching your preteen girl about caring for her pudenda or privy parts is a crucial and personal responsibility .

In a world where misinformation and societal pressures can influence their perceptions, providing accurate information becomes even more vital.

Ensure you have open dialogue and guidance.

  • Teach your daughter how to wash her private parts and under wears.
  • Ensure you let them know the importance of wiping from front to back after going for long calls.
  • Go a little bit deep into the common infections women face due to their body anatomy. And based on your lessons, cultivate in her the essence of taking probiotic foods to keep yeast at bay.

I’m sure their are ladies out here suffering from recurring infections out of ignorance.

Mama, your girl doesn’t deserve to join the long list!

Additionally, do not shy away from mentioning breast development, menstruation, and sex in a way that they can comprehend at their age.

By nurturing a healthy understanding of their bodies, boundaries, consent, and sexual health, you equip your preteen girl with the tools to make informed decisions and navigate relationships with confidence and self-respect.

Teaching your girl that she has ownership over her body and the right to set boundaries empowers her to value her sexuality as an integral part of her identity.

Having open and honest conversations regularly with your girl creates a safe space for her to explore questions, concerns, and curiosities while instilling a solid foundation of self-empowerment.

2. Your Environment and Surroundings Reflect your Personality

Yes, mama,

Teaching your preteen girl that her environment reflects her personality is an essential life lesson that sets the foundation for self-awareness.

Our surroundings reflect who we are.

They tend to impact our emotions, mindset, and overall well-being.

Our environment means the physical surroundings, including the characteristics of our residence.

By understanding the connection between her environment and personality, your daughter can cultivate spaces that nurture and support her authentic self.

Teaching your daughter to create an environment that aligns with her values and interests cultivates a sense of ownership of her surroundings.

Whether organizing her room, making her bed in the morning, or helping to clear the table after a meal, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious environment teaches her the power of intentionality and self-expression.

Many women today endure staying in polluted environments because they were never guided on caring for their surroundings.

As a result, they become disorganized adults with persistent emotional breakdowns because they can not trace anything within and without.

Mama, your girl doesn’t deserve to join the long list!

You can make your girl recognize that her environment reflects who she is.

In that case, she can proactively create spaces that inspire creativity, foster positivity, and contribute to her happiness and fulfillment.


3. Cultivate your Sixth Sense to Stay Ahead

Intuition is an excellent tool for personal growth. It enables a person to better understand themselves, their emotions, and their needs.

Cultivating the sixth sense, often referred to as intuition or self-trust may help your girls tap into their inner wisdom and instincts.

By teaching girls to listen to their intuition, you empower them to trust their judgment and make decisions that align with their authentic selves.

Intuition or that gut feeling is crucial for Safety and self-protection.

Encouraging your girl to pay attention to her gut feelings and instincts helps her recognize potentially dangerous situations and avoid harm.

In essence, it is an added layer of protection while navigating the world’s complexities.

Additionally, in his famous book ”Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill insinuates that intuition may be an excellent tool for Problem-solving and creativity.

The sixth sense goes beyond logical thinking, tapping into creativity and innovative problem-solving.

By encouraging your daughter to embrace her intuitive abilities, you open doors to alternative perspectives and solutions.

This can lead to enhanced creativity, adaptability, and the ability to think outside the box.

But how do you Cultivate the sixth sense?

Here are few tips to help you cultivate your sixth sense:

  • Pay attention to your gut feelings: Start by becoming more aware of your intuitive feelings or hunches. You may notice when you have a strong sense of something or someone, even if it doesn’t seem rational.
  • Practice mindfulness and self-reflection: Meditation or deep breathing exercises can help quiet the mind and enhance your ability to tune in to your intuition. Regular self-reflection lets you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and inner experiences.
  • Trust yourself and take action: Once you start recognizing your intuitive signals, it’s important to trust yourself and take action accordingly. Practice acting on your instincts in small situations, and observe the outcomes.
  • Seek solitude and silence: Creating moments of solitude and silence can help you connect with your inner self and intuition. Take time away from distractions to reflect, listen, and receive insights that may arise.
  •  Listen to your body: Your body often gives subtle signals that can guide your decision-making process. When considering different options, pay attention to physical sensations, such as tension, relaxation, or a sense of ease. Your body can provide valuable cues to help you make intuitive choices.
  • Follow your passions and purpose: Your intuition is closely tied to your authentic desires and passions. Engage in activities that genuinely resonate with you and align with your values and purpose. Following your passions can strengthen your connection to your intuition.
  • Practice patience and discernment: Developing your sixth sense takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and avoid rushing into decisions. Cultivate discernment by weighing both intuitive signals and logical reasoning when making choices.


4. Inner Beauty Breeds Outer Beauty


Please, mama, tell your girls that body image is not solely defined by external appearance but starts from within.

By emphasizing the importance of nurturing their inner qualities such as kindness, compassion, confidence, and resilience, parents help girls develop a positive self-image that goes beyond physical attributes.

And not just that.

By understanding that true beauty radiates from within, your preteen girls learn to prioritize self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love.

This mindset promotes a healthy body image, allowing them to appreciate and celebrate their unique qualities, talents, and strengths.

Many women are struggling with self image right now which has deteriorated their physical, mental and quality of life.

Mama, your girl doesn’t deserve to join the long list!

Teaching the significance of inner beauty discourages girls from valuing to concentrate on conforming to societal beauty standards.

It empowers them to project confidence and authenticity, ultimately enhancing their outer beauty as it emanates from a place of self-assuredness and self-acceptance.

How do you encourage your girl to value inner beauty?

Start by praising good traits rather than concentrating on outward beauty. For example, you may praise their kindness, sense of humor, or charming spirit instead of glorifying their beautiful eyes.

5. Everything Comes at a Cost

Teaching a preteen girl that everything comes at a cost is crucial life lesson for her  understanding of the real world.

By instilling this valuable lesson, you empower your daughters to make informed choices, understand the importance of responsibility, and develop a sense of accountability.

Recognizing that every decision or achievement requires effort, sacrifice, and sometimes compromise prepares young girls to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and a balanced perspective.

It equips them with the mindset needed to set realistic goals, manage their resources wisely, and appreciate the value of hard work.

6. Enjoy your Own Company

Teaching a preteen girl to enjoy her own company is a valuable life lesson that fosters self-esteem, independence, and emotional well-being.

By encouraging her to embrace solitude and engage in activities she genuinely enjoys, you empower your daughter to  cultivate a healthy relationship with herself.

Learning to be comfortable in one’s own company opens the doors to self-reflection, creativity, and personal growth.

It enables girls to discover their unique interests, passions, and strengths, fostering a sense of identity separate from external validation.

Enjoying their own company also equips preteen girls with the skills to cope with loneliness, build resilience, and develop a strong inner foundation to withstand life’s ups and downs.

Ultimately, it teaches them that they are complete and valuable individuals, capable of finding joy and fulfillment from within.

7. Decisions are Made by the Head, not by Emotion

Teaching a preteen girl that decisions are made by the head, not solely based on emotions, is essential for her development of critical thinking, rationality, and sound judgment.

By emphasizing the importance of considering logic and emotions in decision-making, you equip your daughters with a valuable skillset to navigate life’s choices effectively.

Understanding that emotions can sometimes cloud judgment, you can guide your preteen girls to step back, assess the situation objectively, and weigh the pros and cons before making decisions.

This teaches them to approach decision-making with a balanced perspective.

They learn to consider both the practical and emotional implications.

By developing this skill, girls can make more informed, thoughtful decisions that align with their long-term goals and values, enabling them to navigate challenges and achieve success with clarity and confidence.


8. It’s the Audacity that Turns the Common Woman into a Queen



Parents should teach their preteen girls that audacity can transform an ordinary woman into a queen.

By instilling audacity, parents encourage their daughters to step outside societal norms and comfort zones, challenge limitations, and embrace their unique potential.

Audacity empowers girls to dream big, take bold actions, and overcome obstacles that stand in their way.

It fosters resilience, determination, and the ability to rise above adversity.

By teaching girls to embrace audacity, parents inspire them to take ownership of their lives, pursue their passions with courage, and confidently assert their worth.

This lesson encourages preteen girls to become firm, influential individuals who carve their paths and leave a lasting impact on the world.


9. Assertiveness is not Being Bossy

Mama, you must teach your  preteen girls that assertiveness is not being bossy but a way to promote healthy communication and self-expression.

Besides, it can help you develop strong interpersonal skills.

By understanding and embracing assertiveness, girls can effectively express their opinions, needs, and boundaries while respecting the rights and perspectives of others.

Teaching the difference between assertiveness and bossiness allows girls to develop confidence in their ability to advocate for themselves without falling for  manipulation or dominance.

Many adults nowadays fall into manipulation for lack of assertiveness. They stay in abusive relationships and give away their power to enjoy life out of fear of expression.

Mama, your girl doesn’t deserve to join the long list!

Assertiveness empowers your girls to navigate various social settings gracefully, negotiate conflicts, and build meaningful relationships based on mutual understanding.

By embracing assertiveness, preteen girls can develop the skills necessary for asserting their voice confidently, respectfully, and impactfully throughout their lives.

10. Letting Go is not a Sign of Weakness

You may have encountered adults who stay in abusive relationships or  harsh work environments because they’re afraid to quit.

Maybe they never got mentors to teach these life lessons in their preteen years.

Mama, your girl doesn’t deserve to join the long list!

Please, teach your preteen girls that letting go is an act of strength and self-care.

By imparting this life lesson, you empower your daughters to recognize that holding onto things, relationships, or situations that no longer serve them can hinder personal growth and happiness.

Teaching the value of letting go encourages preteen girls to embrace change, release negative emotions, and move forward with resilience.

It cultivates a sense of self-worth, allowing them to prioritize their well-being and make choices that align with their authentic selves.

By understanding that letting go is an act of empowerment, girls develop the courage to leave toxic environments, end unhealthy relationships, and seek new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

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