8 Must-Have Travelling Hygiene Products For Every Mom with Kids

by Polyne K.

Moms have numerous outdoor errands to run. One minute you’re in a grocery store; another, you are in your local women’s group paying your dues.

The challenges come when you have to move with your little chaps on these errands.

Between ferrying kids to soccer practice, attending school events, and running errands, moms with kids have seemingly never-ending to-do lists.

On top of that, even the busiest of moms are responsible for practising good hygiene, all while on the go.

If this is you, keep reading to discover the basic on-the-go hygiene products for every mom with kids.

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1. Instant Hand Sanitizer


A hand sanitizer is a must-have travel item for everyone, especially when you have kids around. Kids will touch any surface they come across, and the best way to keep them safe from viruses and harmful bacteria is to sanitize their hands, especially before snacking. Sanitizing their hands often can help prevent these pathogens from spreading and causing infections.

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2. Toilet Seat Covers Disposable


These toilet accessories ensure a stress-free travel life with kids, especially when using a public restroom. These Extra-Large Toilet Seat Covers can cover the toilet’s fronts and sides, thus protecting your toddlers from infections. Be sure to carry a pack when you leave your house with the kids.

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3. Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser


This is a must-have essential for on-the-go diaper changes. It can help save you the guilt of changing diapers at friends’ and family’s houses because they won’t stink in their trash. It’s also great to have on hand when the baby needs a change, but you’re nowhere near a garbage can: we have kept these in our diaper bag with dirty diapers or clothes inside for hours on hot days outside, and they never stink it up.

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4. Diaper Bag with Essentials


A good diaper bag offers you a variety of organizational space to accommodate different categories of items in different sections. Before leaving your house with kids, ensure you’ve packed enough diapers, wipes, and clothing for the day. Other stuff like water and milk bottles should also be considered, and how you will maintain the warmth throughout the day. 

A perfect diaper bag like this can offer enough space for holding diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a wallet, keys, a phone, baby bottles, bibs, and snacks. It also has stroller straps and two options for carrying. All this is for your convenience, mama. Do you want to give it a try?

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5. Baby Saline Wipes


Travelling with kids, even on a short distance, may trigger common conditions like running nose or sneezing due to environmental changes. You don’t have to worry, mama. Ensure you have these natural baby saline wipes to Soothe those Runny, Gunky Noses and restore everyone to normalcy. They’re gentle enough to be used on their noses, faces, and hands whenever cleaning is necessary.

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6. Plackers Micro Mint Dental Floss Picks with Travel Case


If you’re looking for a product that easily removes food particles between teeth, this is it. These packers have a protected pick that can help remove unwanted food debris, like particles of crips, in those tiny teeth without harming the little mouths. The Plackers Micro mint flossers also have a travel case to maintain hygiene.

Minty flavor leaves refreshes your mouth and gums. This is a must-have product for at-home or on-the-go dental care.

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7. Waterproof Wet Bag for dirty & Soiled stuff


I just discovered this bag and you can’t imagine how grateful I am. This bag is a lifesaver for moms on-the-go.
Because it provides a solution for wet, dirt, and soiled clothes.
The smooth zipper closure is tight enough to lock away your baby’s mess. It also features heat-sealed seams for waterproof protection.
Wet remains wet without affecting other stuff.
No worrying about icky bibs, dirty shorts, and wet swimming costumes.

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8. Medi Grade Absorbent Travel Sick Bags


Most of the time, kids feel motion sickness when travelling, especially after eating. It’s thus crucial to have these leakproof with no odour sickness bags to help you manage to vomit while travelling. Each puke bag also has a cotton tissue to wipe away any mess.


Take away

Finding the right products to keep you fresh and clean when you’re away from home as a mom with kids can be overwhelming. But with the help of these 7 Basic on-the-go hygiene products, you can combat dirty hands, bad breath, and messy kids without missing a beat.

Don’t forget to stock up on these essential hygiene products and share your favorite products with other moms in the comments below!

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