33 Things That Make Parenting Life Easier For Moms With a Newborn and Toddler

by Polyne K.

How to make life easier with a newborn and toddler

Being a mom with a newborn and a toddler is hard work—it’s an incredibly busy and demanding time.

But with the right products and tactics, it can also be a time of great joy and a lot of fun. This post will share some helpful tips and tricks to make life much easier for moms with newborns and toddlers.

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Things To Make Moms Life Easier


1. Baby Wraps Carrier for Baby Wearing

Wearing your baby using baby wraps or carriers is one of the things that will make your life easier in the first weeks after birth.

Babywearing can stimulate breast milk production, thus making your breastfeeding life easier. The skin-to-skin contact encourages a better bond between you and your baby, prevents flat head syndrome, helps to regulate baby temperature, calms colicky baby, and reduces crying.

And not just that.

Having a baby wrapper for a mama with a newborn and a toddler will ease your everyday life.


They free your hands and let you scratch your head without restrictions.

Using a baby wrap and carrier makes it easy to go about your tasks with both arms and hands available.

You can fold laundry, wash utensils, read a book to an older sibling, or walk downtown. These things can make you sleep when that baby sleeps and laugh when the baby laughs…

And if you’re wondering whether it’s safe? Yes, it’s safe. Just ensure it’s tight and the baby is close enough to kiss.

Ready to give it a try?

Go for this soft and stretchy baby wrap


2. Baby Hip Seat Carrier


TUSHBABY is a safety-certified hip baby carrier that will serve you for at least three years.

Yes, mama,

This hip baby carrier is suitable for newborns up to 3-year-old toddlers, and you can use it in feeding position, side carrying, front facing, and face to face.

Many moms swear by this product.
Because you can do other work while carrying your baby, like dog walking or cleaning the house, without feeling so much weight on one part of your body.

TUSHBABY takes so much weight off your body by transferring the baby’s weight to your hips comfortably, so no more tired upper back or arms.
It also comes with large storage pockets that you can use to access your keys, diapers, phone, and other baby accessories when on-the-go

Do you want to give it a try?

Shop Here.

3. Shynerk Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant


4. Travel Size Bottles Set for Toiletries


These affordable refillable travel bottles come with built-in labels to make your work easier when dealing with baby soaps and shampoos. Even though they were designed for travelling, you can still use them at home to make bath time enjoyable.

And the best part?

No stickers are needed because they come with in-built labels. You can also choose different labels anytime as you fill other liquids. This makes it clear to other users who know how to read. Examples of labels include Shampoo, Lotion, and Sun (Cream).

Do you want to glam your baby’s bath times?


5. Joovy Caboose Sit and Stand Double Stroller


Finally, here comes a troller that can push two infants around effortlessly. Thanks to its four-wheel suspension. This tandem stroller gives your big kid the freedom they deserve. Kids can sit, stand, or stroll whenever the mood takes them.

And the best part?
You don’t need to upgrade your stroller when a new kid comes along.

Do you want the flexibility to carry two infants without strain? Buy now on Amazon 

6. Portable Baby boy Potty Urinal for Emergency and Kid Potty Pee Training


“Finally, no more pull over on the side of the road to let him pee.” These are words from a satisfied mama with toddlers. If you’re one of those parents that run errands with a kid on board, get this item. This portable baby boy potty urinal can help in potty training, reduce night trips to the toilet and prevent numerous stops on a road trip.

7. Skip Hop Baby Food Storage Container


This is a genius way to pack things if you’re going out for the day. You can use it on a beach trip, park trip, or anywhere you may spend many hours.

The container is easy to grip, and the transparent containers let you view what’s inside. The Interchangeable lids twist and lock into position for complete customization. You can use each container separately or stacked together.

Have you been thinking about ideas to ease the burden of carrying many baby food containers when going out? Here you have it.


8. Hook on high chair for Baby feeding-portable and foldable


Finally, a baby chair you can clip and hook on your dining or kitchen table for those fun eating moments.

This tall table chair is ideal for infants between 6 and 36 months. The durable & washable materials ensure this product will serve for years.

Also, a convenient storage pocket provides immediate access to wipes, bibs, and toys to make the feeding sessions easier.

A carry bag is stored underneath the seat for easier portability, and you can carry it to restaurants or take it on the go. Please ensure you order the Dining Tray, which is available separately for mess-free meal times.

Ready to give it a try? Shop now on Amazon

9. Baby Food Feeder/Fruit Feeder Pacifier / Infant Teething Toy


Do you want a better and struggle-free way to introduce your little one to solid food?

The NatureBond Baby Fruit Feeders and Teethers are all you need. This an All-IN-1 feeder can feed your baby while soothing the teething discomfort by massaging the gums through chewing. All you need to do is pour the favourite puree into the feeder and hand it over to the owner while sitting on their baby swing; sit aside and watch as your baby soothes their little teeth with fruits.

Available on Amazon

10. Bassinet Bedside sleeper



Bedside bassinets are lifesavers for new moms.


A Bedside bassinet allows for proximity to your newborn, making nighttime feedings and care much easier.

Some bassinets have soothing swivel features that can help soothe your baby for faster sleep while maintaining stability and safety.

Additionally, most bassinets have a hood or canopy to shield the baby from light and drafts while maintaining a desirable warmth for your little one.

So if you aspire to have less night movement in the first months after birth, invest in adjustable and durable bassinets like these ones here.

11. Baby Domes


These are perfect replacements for Moses’s basket. Invest in a good baby dome if you’re looking for convenience and versatility with an under-six-month baby.

You can use a baby dome at home, on a family trip, go to a park for relaxation or on a quick trip to the office to finish a report.

On-the-Go Baby Dome, like the Fisher-Prize- Baby Dome, helps your baby to stay cozy and entertained no matter where you are. It is also foldable And super easy to grab and go.

Do you want to give it a try? Shop now on Amazon

12. Playpens for Babies and toddlers


If you are looking for a space to put your baby and sit aside to read a book or fold your clothes without much interruption, then Baby playpens will be ideal for you.

Baby playpens can be extremely helpful for parents. They allow you to do other household chores while attending to your little one. Besides, they also help your baby enjoy their own space and freedom to play without hurting themselves.

Remember that a child placed in a playpen or yard should always be supervised.

13. Baby Swing and Bouncer



Baby swings and bouncers are life savers for mamas with fussy kids.

These swings are among the baby accessories that know every corner of the house.

You will find it in the kitchen with the baby when the mom is doing the dishes. You will still meet it in the laundry.


Because it allows you to get some chores done comfortably with your baby as a spectator.

And the best part;

You are always close to monitoring your little one.

Be sure not to leave them for a long time to prevent flat head syndromes.

If you’re looking for a swing for newborns, then the Graco Simple swing will be your perfect companion. However, if you want something your baby can grow with, then INGENUITY will do the job.

14. Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, and Sleep Trainer


Are you looking for Sound Machine with calm, soothing sounds to help enhance your baby’s sleep?

This hatch rests baby sleep machine will give bedside night light to Illuminate the crib for easy baby changing and nighttime feedings.

It also has a Time-to-Rise Program that operates through colour and sound changes to let your little early riser know when to stay in bed and when it’s ok to be up and about.

And the easier part?

You can control it via an app. You can adjust settings with your smartphone and control the volume and nightlight using easy-access buttons.

Ready to give it a try? Shop now on Amazon

15. Microfiber Slippers Floor Cleaning Mop


With these slippers, walking is mopping Mama. The slippers are Made of soft microfiber chenille with a detachable bottom for easy washing. These slippers provide strong water absorption and can serve as a mop for daily minor water spillages and cleaning. They are also safe for hard edges, wood, tile, vinyl and other floor surfaces.

16. Foldable Storage Cubes with 10 Labels Window 


These storage cubes are made from heavy cardboard and are great for organizing your home, especially if you have small kids.

Each storage cube has a transparent slot; you can put the label card into the slot to mark the contents in each storage basket.

It helps you categorize your belongings more efficiently, making it easy to find what you need.

17. O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System


Finally, here comes a cleaning system you can use with a baby wrapped around your back without experiencing those execrating waist pains.


Because O-Cedar’s EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System comes with an adjustable handle that can suit your height, it also uses advanced microfiber strands to capture dirt and quickly dry your floor.

Besides, its patented triangle mop-head can rotate 360 degrees, thus reaching and cleaning deep into corners, under furniture, alongside baseboards, and between the tiles.

And the best part

It provides you with hands-free wringing. The mop bucket has a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing. So you can do it comfortably with your baby.

Want to give it a try?


18. Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Mama, who wouldn’t want to sit like a queen and have her cleaning done by a robot?

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a while, and just like Chatgpt opened, they are here to stay.

These cleaning machines have revolutionalized the traditional cleaning methods of homes and offices.

When first introduced to the market, they seemed too expensive and lacked smart features. However, they are slowly gaining popularity as they have become smarter and more affordable.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are little helpers that relieve you of some duties.

They can automatically navigate through spaces using obstacle and cliff sensors and avoid obstructions such as chair and table legs, sofas, toys and everything else in the cleaner’s path. This is something you should start budgeting for if you have so much work on your hands.

Available on Amazon

19. The Pink Stuff Cleaner


This all-purpose cleaning stuff is a lifesaver for mamas with toddlers who tend to write all over with crayons. The Pink Stuff paste will make cleaning easier and save time, space and money. You don’t have to do the hard scrubbing to remove those grease, lipsticks and drawings from your surfaces any more.

20. Toilet Nightlights Motion Detection


This is an excellent accessory for moms with toddlers who make frequent toilet night visits.

You don’t have to turn on the lights to disrupt their sleep as the Superior motion detection technology used in developing these lights can detect movements within 5 feet and turns on automatically.

Similarly, when you’re done doing your stuff, the nightlight automatically turns off after 128 seconds if no motion is detected, prolonging battery life. 

Do you want to give it a try? SHOP HERE

21. Toilet Seat Covers Disposable


These non-slip toilet covers are here to end the stress of using a public restroom, especially when you have kids. Every mom knows how disgusting it can be to see her preschoolers touching the toilet seats, especially if it’s a public toilet. OH, and not just kids alone. Every woman needs these too for her hygiene.

Get these Extra-Large Disposable Toilet Seat Covers for Kids so that you don’t have to worry any more.

22. Kick Mats Back Seat Protector


These Back Seat Protectors will ensure that your seat remains in perfect condition. The back seat protectors are meant to protect the leather or upholstery from muddy little feet that bring along with them dirt and mud. Gone will be the days of traveling with a less-than-perfect car interior. 

23. Kids Car Seat Tray for Travel, Roadtrip Essentials


This is the easiest way to keep your toddler entertained for hours, even on long drives. The kid’s travel tray is a must-have road trip essential to keep your children calm and engaged. It is designed to hold iPad or tablets, so they can easily watch their favourite shows.

They can also play, make drawings, and enjoy their food comfortably.

These travel toy has a mess-free design and comes with a printed games kit and colourful markers to let them explore their creativity through art.

24. Baby Bottle Sterilizer


If you’re looking for an effective gadget that can disinfect almost all your babies’ accessories, buy this sterilizer.

 A baby bottle sterilizer is a home necessity that makes mom’s life easier when maintaining the hygiene of baby stuff like baby bottles, pacifiers and even breast pump parts.

Almost every mom swears by this gadget for being a good time saver and a must-have for newborns.

In case you’re interested in keeping your baby’s stuff 99.99% germ-free, you can never go wrong with these two brands:

24. Baby Food Maker and Juicer


This gadget is a perfect time saver for a new mom who wants fresh food for her little one. It’s perfect for making smashed food. You can smash sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, peas, mangos and apples. The list is endless.

The gadget is easy to clean, making it easier for busy moms to enjoy making fresh food for their kids.

Are you planning to introduce your baby to solids with ease?


25. Baby Monitors


Baby monitors are designed to promote your baby’s safety by allowing you to do your household chores while monitoring your baby. 

Most baby monitors consist of real-time audio and video monitoring so that you can feel reassured that your baby is safe even when they are in another part of the house. 

They help eliminate anxiety and the need to constantly check on someone who is sound asleep.

26. Baby Bath Tubs With Slings


One of the great benefits of using a baby bathtub is preventing baby slippage from your hands.

And not just that.

Some bathtub has slings mostly made from mesh that support your baby and creates an easy time handling a newborn during a bath.

Gone are the days when new moms must learn to hold a baby with one hand while bathing it using another.

The slings make bathing a newborn easier, even without experience.

27. Sink Handle Extender for Toddlers


Are you planning to build lasting good hand-washing habits in your toddlers? Then here is your chance.

This faucet extender for kids brings water closer to kids to make hand washing easier. They are also colourful and can eliminate the risk of your toddler standing on a stool to reach the sink.


28. Silicone Baby Weaning Spoons


This soft-tip training spoon is made with 100% high-purity FDA-grade silicone and encourages babies to learn self-feeding and transition to baby-led weaning at the first stage of starting solids.

It reduces potential serious injury to gum and erupting teeth when babies learn to self-feed.

29. Fleece Zip-Up Maternity Baby Carrier Hoodie 


This 2 IN 1 Baby carrier Jacket includes one removable panel you can combine and wear over the front baby sling and carrier.

This baby carrier jacket is ideal for moms who take long evening walks with their babies to promote bonding.

You can wear this while walking your dog or strolling around in the evenings with your infant. The jacket is thicker, soft and cozier than you can imagine. And the best part is you can still wear it even without the baby.

30. Light Switch Extender for kids


This light switch extender brings about a sense of independence for preschoolers who desperately tend to want to do everything themselves.

Once you put these extenders, your kid can turn on the lights at night, especially when they feel scared.

And as a mom, you can ask your toddler to turn on or off the lights while you sit lazily after a long day’s work.

Do you want to give it a try? Get a pack from Amazon.

31. Weekly Kids clothes organizer


This is a Complete game changer for busy moms. This organizer will help you have your child outfits and uniforms organized for the entire week. It helps Make life easier when getting ready ready in the morning as well as helps your kid to understand  days of the week.

Ready to give it a try?

Shop now on Amazon

32. Bibs for Babies &Toddlers With Catch All Pouch For Mess Free Meal time



As a mom with a newborn and a toddler, it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself and utilize tools and resources that make life easier and more manageable. Utilizing simple products like these can help create more balance and joy for all family members.

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