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How to Prevent UTI: 8 Things Health Conscious Women Do to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Discover 8 simple ways health-conscious women can practice to prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Learn what lifestyle changes you can make and start protecting your urinary health today.

Recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be equally painful and embarrassing for women.

You have to deal with frequent urination, a burning sensation in your vagina, and, of course, the cramping in your lower abdomen is nothing to smile about.

Sometimes you end up having packs and piles of unending antibiotics that you must take.

That is why Prevention comes in handy.

Taking deliberate precautions for UTI prevention measures is the key to avoiding recurring infections and potential long-term damage to your body.

This post highlights 7 things health-conscious women do, which are highly recommended by healthcare professionals, to help prevent recurring urinary tract infections.

Do you want to learn more about how to prevent UTIs?

Please read on.

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8 Things Health Conscious Women Do to Prevent UTI

How To Prevent UTIs

1. They Drink Plenty of Water at the Slightest Sign of Infection

Health-conscious women understand that water is life and drinking water on a regular basis is crucial for UTI prevention.

Drinking plenty of water helps dilute your urine. This ensures that you urinate frequently to flush out nasty bacteria from your urinary tract before an infection can begin.

If you’re among the many individuals who struggle with drinking plenty of water, having a water bottle you can carry around as you run your errands would be your ideal solution.

A good water bottle like this one motivates you to meet your daily water requirement for UTI prevention. Why don’t you grab one now to start your natural healing journey?

2. They Do More Baking Soda Baths Instead of Babble Baths

Health-conscious women with a history of recurring UTIs understand that taking showers over baths can help lower the risk of spreading infection.


This may be because bacteria spread more quickly in warm water.

International bodies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advocate taking showers instead of baths as a UTI prevention measure.

And you may need to go a step higher and just do a baking soda bath.

Unlike bubble baths containing soap chemicals that irritate the urinary tract, baking soda and warm water can help ease your pain.

Soaking yourself in warm water with baking soda can help make the uncomfortable side effects of the UTI a little more tolerable.

One study shows that baking soda has an antifungal effect that could kill yeast infection-causing fungi.

As such, doing more baking soda baths can help soothe and relieve itching, burning, and swelling in women with infections.

Additionally, baking soda baths may help relieve painful urination and neutralize the acid in your urine.

It can also kill disease-causing pathogens in your vulva.

To perform a baking soda bath;

  • Add and dissolve 1/4 cup of baking soda in your bathtub.
  • You may soak for up to 20-30 minutes.
  • You can repeat this twice a day for faster results.

Baking soda bath is not recommended for:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding moms
  • people with high blood pressure
  • people with diabetes
  • if you have any open wounds or serious infections

3. They Invest in a bidet to Prevent UTI

how to prevent UTIs in women

One of the health issues we teach our girls at age 6 is learning how to wipe from front to back after pooping.

Wiping from front to back after a long call may help prevent the spread of bacteria to the urethra.

However, sometimes using toilet paper alone may not be enough, especially if you’re prone to recurring UTIs.

As such, you may want to take your cleaning a step higher without having to jump in the shower.

That is why installing an inexpensive bidet attachment like this one to your toilet may go a long way in curbing the spread of bacteria to the urethra.

Additionally, your bidet shouldn’t just be an option for cleaning up after long calls. You can use it to freshen up after love-making sessions or during your period.

Do you want to give it a try, shop now on Amazon

4. They Snack on Watermelon Seeds

Yes, mama, if no one has ever mentioned this to you, get it from me.

Watermelon is a medicinal plant with vast arrays of healing properties.

According to a publication, watermelons contain bioactive compounds like concur bitcoin, triterpenes, sterols, and alkaloids. This fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Traditionally, watermelon seeds were used to treat urinary tract infections, bed wetting, dropsy, and renal stones.

Also, people suffering from alcohol poisoning, hypertension, diabetes, and gonorrhoea found relief by eating these seeds.

And not just that.

Recent studies show that watermelon has a diuretic effect and may help you pee frequently, a critical factor in UTI treatment.

Also, Studies indicate that watermelon seeds possess antimicrobial activities against selected microorganisms like Staphylococcus sp., Escherichia coli, and Proteus sp.

Some of these organisms, like E. coli, are thought to be responsible for urinary tract infections.

According to the Journal of Pharmacognosy and, Phytochemistry, watermelon seeds have proved to have antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiulcer, and anti-inflammatory properties. All of which can benefit your urinary tract systems.

To get more out of this fruit, eat more fresh watermelons, including the white part and seeds.

You may also dry and grind the seed to get the flour.

Every time you purchase a watermelon, be sure to dry the seed. You can then grind them in a seed blender or grinder and use the grounded seeds to make tea.

All you need to do is steep the grounded seeds in a cup of warm water for about 10 minutes, strain, and drink. You may repeat these until you feel better.

5. They Pee When they Need to Prevent UTI

Frequent urination may be bothersome, but good for the system. Holding your urine means holding one more bacteria that can escalate your pain.

Urinating frequently helps move bacteria out of your bladder.

Holding urine for a long time allows the bacteria to multiply in the bladder.

Also, be sure to empty your bladder after sex.

Sexual activity can push bacteria deeper into the urethra. Besides, semen creates a conducive environment for some bacteria to thrive.

Urinating after making love may help flush bacteria out of your urinary tract. This helps prevent bacteria and fungi from settling and causing an infection.

6. They Have Regular Anti-UTI Tea Treats

Tea is refreshing. But how about you get your signature tea brand plus added health advantages?

Health-conscious women understand that regularly taking some type of tea may benefit their urinary tract system and keep urinary tract infections at bay.

Among the best tea for urinary tract infections is green tea.

Research shows that green tea contains plant compounds called polyphenols. This tea possesses strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects against UTI-causing strains of E. coli.

If you’re thinking of how to deal with recurring UTIs more enjoyably, then green tea may be among the best deals on the menu.

7. They Use Barrier Methods During sex

One Research suggests that increased exposure to semen can increase the risk of infections like BV.

Semen which has an alkalizing effect on the vagina may affect your viginal flora, thus creating a conducive environment for harmful bacteria to thrive.

Please refrain from having sex or at least use a good barrier when making love the moment you start feeling UTI symptoms.

You may use condoms to lessen the effect of semen on your vaginal flora, plus it may lower the risk of introducing additional bacteria into your yoni.

Also, be cautious when choosing the birth control method. Some types of birth control might promote an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. This includes:

  • diaphragms
  • non-lubricated condoms
  • spermicides

Talk with your doctor to ensure your birth control measure isn’t promoting  UTIs.

8. They take precautions with their vaginal pH.

Your vaginal pH plays a crucial role in your urinary system. It’s a door that can open or close to harmful bacteria.

Changes in your yoni pH can contribute to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria leading to infections or severe discomfort.

The naturally neutral pH may rest at 7 on a scale of 0-14. Your normal vaginal pH is usually acidic and ranges between 3.8 and 5.0. This pH is suitable for protecting vaginal mucosa from pathogenic organisms.

Some lifestyle activities, however, may throw things off balance. As such, you must be alert to detect the symptoms of an alkaline pH that can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

This is how you know that your vaginal pH is too alkaline

  • Your discharge will change color and texture from clear to whitish. White, grey, or yellow with a cottage cheese-like texture means something is wrong.
  • Your discharge will start to smell fishy.
  • Discomfort and itching around your vulva.

What can you do to restore your vaginal pH?

With a UTI, harmful bacteria replace good bacteria in your system. Taking Probiotics can restore good bacteria and reduce the recurrence of a UTI.

How to Prevent UTI When You Feel It Coming

how to prevent UTIs in Women

Do these 6 things to prevent UTI when you feel it coming.

1. Grab your favorite natural UTI supplements

The best way to deal with UTI when you feel it is coming is to take natural and herbal supplements that are effective against this infection. This tends to avoid overexposure to antibiotic medications. Here are popular choices that prove effective herbal supplements for natural UTI prevention and treatment.

  • D-mannose supplement
  • Cranberry supplement
  •  Aqueous Garlic Extract

 2. Go for green tea 

Taking green tea is one of the best ways to stop a UTI when you feel it coming. Green tea is loaded with plant compounds called polyphenols.

Polyphenol compounds like Epigallocatechin (EGC) in green tea have demonstrated strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects against UTI-causing strains of E. coli in test-tube research.

 If you’re on anti-biotics, research shows that taking green tea extracts containing EGC may improve the effectiveness of certain antibiotics frequently used to treat UTIs.

3. Increase Your Water Intake

Increasing your water intake will lead to increased urination, which helps to eliminate UTI-causing bacteria from your Urinary Tract system.

4. Do a Sitz Bath with Baking Soda

A sitz bath is a warm-water shallow bath taken in the sitting position to cleanse your perineum.

Doing sitz baths with baking soda will help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with UTI. You may also add a few drops of Oregano oil nd soak yourself for about 15 minutes daily. This can relieve pain relief as you wait for the infections. 

5. Take a Probiotic to Balance Your Vaginal pH

Probiotics introduce good bacteria into your vaginal, which helps to restore your pH that could have been thrown off balance with the harmful bacteria. 

6. Go Slow on Sex

According to medics, UTIs are caused by Escherichia coli bacteria. These bacteria are often found in the gastrointestinal tract or feces.

If you do not observe proper hygiene after using the toilet, the bacteria may move from the anus to the urethra and cause infections.

 Doctors recommend avoiding sex when you have UTIs since sex may irritate your inflamed urinary tract and cause more pain.

Sex can also introduce new bacteria or push bacteria further into your urethra through penetration. This sets up a likelihood of worsening the infection.

When should you Seek Professional Help?

  • The UTI symptoms are getting worse, with severe pain in your abdomen.
  • The UTIs symptoms haven’t improved after a few days.
  • You’re getting UTIs frequently and within a short period.


Taking preventive measures against UTIs is a sure way of staying healthy.  Regularly implementing the above-mentioned tips and prompt medical attention if needed can significantly reduce the risk of recurring urinary tract infections in women.

If you or someone you know suffers from recurring UTIs, consider trying these 8 simple tips to prevent further infections.

Also, be sure to share the natural tips and precautions you’ve found useful in preventing UTIs when you feel it coming in the comment below.

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I’m not a health practitioner and as such, this information should not be used 
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