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Easter Nails : 20+ Creative and Stylish Easter Nail Designs for You

Celebrate Easter in style this year with these 20+ creative and stylish Easter nail designs. From acrylic Easter nails to delicate pastels and bold colors, explore these looks and find the perfect one for you this holiday season. Get inspired and add a unique touch to your Easter look!

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20+ Simple Easter Nails You Must Try Out for a Celebratory Look

1. 3D Cartoon Rabbite Black Pink  Easter Nails






Ensure you get your 3D cartoon Rabbite stick on nails for the Easter celebration. These nails are made of acrylic, non-toxic material for safety. They Come in 24 pcs and offer 12 different sizes; you can choose the most suitable nails for a stylish look.

2.Ballerina  Glossy Blue Glue on Nails for Easter






These blue flower and bow press-on long design nails are made of ABS material for your nails’ safety. They are trendy with classic colors to brighten up your Easter season. All you need to do is clean your nails, apply glue on tips, press for 1 minute, and file and shape your new nails.

3. Almond French Tip with Cute Rabbit Bow 


These almond French tipped nails come in a set of 24 Pcs Press on Nails +1 Nail File + 24 Pcs Jelly Glue Stickers+1 Alcohol Cotton+1 Wooden Stick. No matter the size or width of your nails, you can choose the most suitable false nails for yourself.

 4. Egg Sqaure Easter Nails


Do you love Easter eggs? Then this nail design should be among your top picks for the Easter celebration. This short press-on nail comes in 24 pieces and one piece of nail glue. They are easy to wear and unload, thus wouldn’t hurt your nails.

5.Luxury Red Cherry Heart Designs


Ideally, these Red heart theme stick-on nails look like Valentine’s Day-style nails. However, it can still be an excellent choice for your Easter celebration. These fashionable nails look natural, and the color can remain intact for some time.

6.French Tip Press on Easter Nails with Bunny


Give your nails a break from polishes with these cute French tip press on Easter nails. Buying these nails means getting 24 Pcs Press on Nails +1 Nail File + 24 Pcs Jelly Glue Stickers+1 Alcohol Cotton+1 Wooden Stick.

7.Glamermaid, Pink Pastel Cloud Easter Nails 


This Pink, blue, and purple gradient nail with a cloud design is a dreamy set inspired by the sky. If you feel like floating in the pink kingdom, these pink nails may be perfect for your Easter celebration. These stick-on nails come ready to wear. Why don’t you Save yourself a 2-hour trip to the salon this season?

8.Women Kid Cute Rabbit press on nails for Easter


These beautiful nails are an excellent way to glam up your Easter theme. The classic Easter patterns include bunny, egg, carrot, basket, polka dots, stripes, flowers, and gradient colors for decoration, adding more color to your nails. This cute rabbit presents a title of vitality and tenacity, perfect for every girl in your house.

9.MISUD  Square False Nails White Glossy for Easter 


Are you looking for thick, sturdy nails lasting about 1-3 weeks? Look no further; these uniquely designed Easter nails give you an excellent and charming look to boost your confidence. If you are looking for the best gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or friend, consider these nails.

10.Bunny Press on Nail Nude Short stick-on Nails


This light pink and purple Easter Bunny press-on nail design represents every element of comfort and chumminess. Simple but excellent Easter nail idea for every woman.

 11. Bunny red sticker long nails


How about the shiny and attractive Cute Bunny and Red heart nails design? Yes, Mama. The long coffin shape and Easter day elements will be your perfect style for an Easter celebration. Easy to stick on and Friendly for both nail art beginners and professionals.

12.Easter Macaron Blue Yellow  Oval Nails with Neon Design


Macaron Egg color and eggshell spots are a perfect addition to a childishness-filled day. The Oval shape, medium length, Macaron color, and uv finish static nails create a professional shine.

13.Elegant Sailor Moon “Crystal Tokyo” for Easter


Do you want a full-cover coffin press-on nails with an Easter touch? Elegant Crystal Tokyo, Black lady design will be your perfect style. These nails are glossy ombre, holographic butterfly, and iconic design for elegant look.

14.PaintLab Press On Nails, for Easter


This trendy and fun, press on nail can be used by professional nail specialists or nail art beginners. They are made with non-toxic, high-quality, and fully customizable materials. Cruelty-free and, most importantly, reusable. You will never go wrong with these beautiful and hassle-free fake nails.

15. Cute Bunny Designs Glossy Stick on Easter Nails 


This cute bunny design is a perfectly natural look to replace your everyday nail polish. There is no need to wait for drying; it only takes a few minutes to get a professional Easter nail art look.

16.Easter Day Artificial Nails for Women and Girls 


These stick-on coffin nails adopt French design, fashion, and trends. The pattern is a bunny with a bow and a heart-shaped pattern, incorporating Easter elements. The overall color scheme perfectly fits the theme of Easter for a glamorous look.

17.Easter Press on Nails Short Almond Flower Easter Egg


If you’re a fan of shimmery talons, these Press-On Collection might find a way into your beauty kit. The luxurious full-cover nails come in multicolor for everyday use—perfect for Easter, valentines, weddings, and holidays.

18.Bunny Bow-knot Pearl Gradient Pink Base Designs


This nail art is based on the theme of a cute bunny, with 3D bowknots and pearl designs, highlighting cuteness and elegance.

These press-on nails are designed according to the natural curvature of female nails. They are thick enough not to break easily, with a more realistic effect.

19.Easter Press on Nails Short Square with Cute Bunny 


This Short press on nails is made of high-quality ABS and environmentally friendly acrylic material. The nails are odorless, durable, and not easy to fade, thus providing a wonderful Easter experience.

20.Press on Nails Short Almond Nails -Swirl French Tips


If you are looking for an almond shape, Medium length nails with a glossy uv gel finish, this design may be your perfect match . The nude orange French tips with multicolor abstract waves accents will give you a unique and customizable look!

21.Glossy Rabbit Artificial Nails Designs Full Cover for Easter


Here’s another Easter day artificial nail with a rabbit design to glam your day. It includes 24 pieces of jelly glue, one mini nail file, an Alcohol bag, and one wooden stick for removing nail tips.

22.Rabbit Glue on Nails  for Women and Girls


Get your new upgraded exquisite fake Easter nails kit with a design to usher you into the Easter mood. This is a perfect stick-on nail for women who love short to medium-sized nails.

23.Nude Orange Design Glossy Acrylic Easter Nails


The nail design includes classic Easter patterns like bunny, egg, carrot, and basket. Not to mention the polka dots, stripes, and flowers that add more colors to your nails

How do you make stick on nails last longer?

  1. Clean your nails with alcohol to remove residual natural oil 
  2. Do not touch water for at least 2 hours after the application
  3. Use quality glue when sticking







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