Modern Home Decor Ideas to Make Your House Look Elegant on a Budget

Modern Home Decor Ideas For People on Budget

by Polyne K.

Having a cosy-looking home can be challenging, especially if you’re working on a tight decorating budget. Fortunately, there are modern home decor ideas from interior designers we can always steal to make our space look classy without breaking your bank account.

From adding simple sculptures and classy flower vessels or even revamping your hardwood floors, these simple home decor ideas may go a long way in turning your simple home into your dream space.

If you like staying in a cosy space, then read on. This post unfolds the simplest and least expensive ways to make your home look elegant.

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Modern Home Decor Ideas to Transform a simple Home Space to Look Elegant

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1. Add or Swap Out Picture Frames 

Whether you’re hanging gallery wall frames or simple family photos, going for a stylish picture frame can elevate the look of a room. Also, choosing a good picture frame can enhance the appearance of the picture.

Here are basic tips to help you choose a good picture frame

  • Choose your style
  • Consider whether the picture to be displayed needs a wall hanging or tabletop frame
  • Consider the shape and size of your frame based on the picture size
  • your interior design should guide you on whether to go for a sleek, elegant, contemporary, or traditional picture frame style
  • Consider the durability of the frame
  • Assess your space
  • Ensure your frame is Eye-Catching

Here are our top picks for wall hanging

GRRONZEE 2 Pack Brown Oval

2. Incorporate great wall arts for modern home decor

Wall art is a type of decoration that can speak volumes about your personality. Apart from family photos or your own photo, you may think of going for canvases, framed prints or other artistic embellishments.

Tips for choosing a wall art

  •  Consider your room’s theme,
  • Consider your colour scheme
  • Consider your personal style

Here are some  of the best wall art you can consider for your space


3. Spice Your Space with Modern Home Decoration Vase


It’s hard to go wrong with vases for space décor. Cute Vases and flowers make a  home look warmer and more welcoming. Flowers add life to space by making us feel good and drawing us closer to nature.

and not just that.

Having a great vase with beautiful flowers can brighten your day by lifting your mood.


How do you even select a vase for modern home decor look?

  • Consider your space
  • Vase Volume; whether you want A larger vase or a smaller one depending on your space.
  • Vase Height; Consider whether it’s a growing plant or not. Also, your space should guide you about the ideal height of the vase.
  • Shape; go for your lovely style
  • Material Vases come in all types of materials. You may consider plain glass, galvanized tin, or glazed pottery. Be sure to coordinate the vase with the look of your house arrangement and space.
  • Colour Clear vases are popular, but a coloured vase may be eye-catching. Also think of Neutral tones such as grey, black, or white to be more accommodative.
  • Formality Consider the formality of your space. do you it for relaxation or formal conversation? 

Click Here for a cute collection of vase ideas for your home decor








4. Add Gorgeous Vase Filler Ideas


A variety of Vase fillers are designed to brighten up the appearance of the vase. While most people use a vase filler to anchor a flower arrangement, sometimes using fillers may also provide additional colour to complement the flowers and add elegance to your space.

Depending on your style and theme include natural or man-made vase fillers. Natural fillers include seashells, small river stones, rocks, and pebbles.

5. Add Decorative  Wall Clocks to your space


Decorative wall clocks may be a simple and inexpensive way to add meaning and character to your space. the beauty of wall clocks is that they work in most spaces, I mean you can put them in your living room, kitchen and corridors. The only trick when choosing decorative wall clocks is to consider interior finishing and your style.

6. Introduce Eunique Farmhouse Beads with Tussles


Do you want your home to have a modern cosy look, then farmhouse beads with tassel will be your- to -go for decor. The wooden beads are like jewellery for your living space. They crown everything in beauty, from a coffee table to fresh flowers in vases. You can get your beads in different colours, lengths, and large or small beads.

How do you style farmhouse beads?

You may use them for wall hangings

Wrap them on your beautiful vase like a demijohn


Add them to your styled tabletop tray or decorative bowels


Roll them over your wall art and picture frames

Use farmhouse beads as the perfect sturdy base for displaying your houseplants.

Here are trendy decorative bowls for modern home decor

Best centerpiece bowl– mosaic design 

7. Add in Decorative Throw Pillows for an Elegant look


Decorative pillows are used to add colour accents within a room. Always add pillows that can draw on the colours in drapes, walls or area rugs. Additionally, decorative pillows may be ideal for giving a more casual feeling to a space, furniture or bedding.

Tips to consider when buying decorative pillows

  • Your anchor room colour
  • Think about the colour type; plain or mix-and-match prints
  • Play around with proportions and sizes
  • Think about the ideal display that will define your style and preference

Here are our top picks

Best 3D round throw pillow

Best fruit-shaped throw pillow

8. Define Your Space with Cute Rugs


A great rug can instantly change the focal point of a room. They create connection and cohesiveness in a space. Adding a cute rug to your room can create a visual divider, giving your home a cosy and comfortable feeling.

Be sure to align your rug with the shape of the room to create some visual flow. Also, you want a rug that is large enough to cover the focal points of the defined space rather than just hanging halfway.

Our Top Picks

9. Enhance Your Home’s Appearance With Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are home decor essentials that can boost your room’s character and finesse.  Here are a few tips on choosing mirror wall decor for home interiors and where you can place them:

  • Hang a decorative mirror above the console in your living room
  • Place accent wall mirrors behind the chairs
  • Use decorative mirrors instead of wall arts

Our Top Picks

Best decorative mirrors with wooden frame


10. Use Home Decor Sculptures for Inspiration


Sculptures are part of modern home décor ideas for bringing a new dimension to your space. People use sculptures to evoke emotion, tell a story, or make a statement. Whether you’re redesigning your home or swapping items, You need to consider incorporating decorative sculptures for a more spicy and attractive look.

Here are great ideas for sculptures for home decor

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11. Make your home glamorous with tabletop fountains

Water fountains are essential for bringing natural life into your home. Flowing water in the Fountain can create positive energy, thus promoting positive vibes in your home. Having a water fountain around your space enhances the beauty and brings peace and relaxation to your house.

Tips for choosing an indoor fountain for home decor

  • Consider a design that complements your space
  • The size, shape and color the fountain
  • The focal point; you consider tiered fountains for centrepiece designs or pot-style fountain for a smaller space
  • splash;Most fountains will splash outside of their barrier, so you must consider the sorrounding areas


12. Refresh Your Decorative Stands and shelves


Decorative shelves are ideal for filling those spaces  that which are just awkward, especially corner. Cute shelves with vases, books or statues  tend to balance out the room and add that geogeouse look. You may choose to have the following;

  • Built-in shelves
  • fixed bracket shelves,
  • floating shelves,
  • corner shelves,
  • portable shelves

Best decorative shelves to consider when revamping your space

13. Spice up your space with decorative lamps

Decorative lamps create an ambience  mood and atmosphere for your room. Whether you’re going for table lamps, dramatic pendant, or interesting wall light ,decorative lamps are excellent tools to define functional zones within a room.

Tips for choosing decorative lamps

  • Always have a focal point 
  • Understand the type of lighting needed in that focal point
  • Get the correct balance between your lamp size and space
  • Buy an energy efficiency lamp
  • Treat each room differently

Lamps to consider adding to your space

14.Use Dummy Books for Modern Home decor Look 

Decorative books can add dimension and height variation to your space. Our brains work well with patterns. They are also soothed by symmetry. as such decorative books can serve as bases for other decors like small sculptures, lambs or farmhouse beads. Playing around with color and volume of your decorative books is key. Stacking two to three books can add dimension to your space. They can also help reveal your personality in a uniquely.

What should you consider when buying decorative books?

  • Size and volume
  • Brand value
  • Features
  • Type and style
  • Durability
  • materials
  • Design

Best decorative books for modern home decor

Rearange Your Comfy Chair for a Moden Look

Having a  comfy chair in the right place can give your rome a modern, classy look. Gone are days when chairs were only used for sitting purposes. With new trends you must consider buying a cozy chair that can effortlessly blend with your home decor.

Tips to consider when buying a chair for home decor

  • The size of your room
  • the color of the chair
  • the purpose of your chair

Here are the best comfy chairs to spice up your space


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