Breastfeeding Must-Haves 2024; The Only Breastfeeding Essentials You Will Need On Your Shopping List

The Ultimate breastfeeding essentials List For Every Mom

by Polyne K.
breastfeeding essentials list

The Ultimate breastfeeding essentials List For Every Mom.

Breastfeeding isn’t always the easy natural game as perceived. I know, mama. Initially, we were told that you only need your breast and your baby for a successful nursing session.

However, when you become a mom, you realize there is more to breastfeeding than just dishing out milk for your young one.

For instance, breastfeeding is an excellent bonding time with your baby.

As you hold your baby close and directly stare into its eyes, you send a message that will linger in its brain forever.

There is an assurance you send when you’re comfortable during nursing sessions, and that is why you need some little help.

Breastfeeding products for new moms are simple items that make nursing more manageable and comfortable.

Some breastfeeding essentials will offer back support, and others will come in handy when your nipples have cracked.

This post is all about breastfeeding must-haves in 2022. Yes. The only breastfeeding essential you will need on your shopping list.

Keep reading.

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Breastfeeding Essentials Checklist for New Moms

breastfeeding essentials


1. Breastfeeding Pillows

First on my list is a comfortable breastfeeding or nursing pillow and here is why. From the maternity ward, you’re not yet okay. You’ll feel uncomfortable, with little back aches when sitting.

Besides, you still need to learn a good latch, and here’s where an excellent nursing pillow comes in handy;

A nursing pillow can help support your baby by lifting them to the level of your breast. This gives them a good latch that ensures optimal draw of milk from the breast without harming your nipples.

Also, nursing pillows will ease your postpartum back pain and stitches by providing a comfortable sitting position.

Additionally, it supports your neck, shoulders, and arms so you can nurse as long as possible without straining. It gives you the flexibility to try new breastfeeding positions, especially if you’re exhausted.

Are you convinced of the importance of having a nursing pillow? Here is what you need.

What You Need to look for;

  • Assess your needs to decide whether you’ll need one or more breastfeeding pillows for backup.
  • Ensure you go for a pillow that isn’t too hard or too soft with easy-to-care-for fabrics.
  • You may also consider Gender Neutral Pattern, especially if you have long-term plans to use it.
  • Buy something easy to clean and maintain.
  • Consider having some extra covers for a change.

Our Top Picks

Best overall: Bobby Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Best adjustable: My Brest Friend Nursing Pillows

Best for Baby and Mommy:Chilling Home Nursing pillows

For a change of style and appearance, go for 2 pack nursing pillow Cover.

2. Nursing Pads

Breastfeeding moms experience breast milk stains on their clothes most of the time.

To manage this menace, you will need some absorbent pads to stop the milk from reaching your bra or staining your clothing. And that is where breast pads come in handy.

Breast pads, best known as nursing pads, are soft, absorbent disc-like pads worn inside your bra to soak up milk leakages from your breasts.

Most women find this product very necessary, especially in the first few months, when your milk supply is high.

Any slight stimulation during the first months after birth can lead to a milk letdown. And in case you’re not close to your baby, the drops can be embarrassing or messy.

As your milk supply adjusts and stabilizes with the passing months, some may stop leaking. However, if you have an overabundant milk supply, you may experience leakages much longer.

What You Need to look for in a nursing pad

  • Decide whether you need disposable or reusable pads. Also, consider having quite a few pairs for change in the first few weeks. Please note that staying with one nursing pad can cause health risks to your breast, like developing a thrush. So change often.
  • Be sure to go for absorbent fabrics when buying.
  • Check for a comfortable size that gives you full coverage but keeps you comfortable.

Our Top Picks

3. Supportive Nursing Bras

Why is it important to wear a supportive bra while breastfeeding?

Breasts with milk are pretty heavy. You may need a bra specifically made to meet this particular need. A nursing bra makes breastfeeding sessions easier and provides extra support and comfort.

Also, most supportive nursing bras are made of breathable and soft fabric. This will help to reduce friction, irritation, and chafing on your nipples.

For a start, have at most two seem-free nursing bras. You may use them when you’re pregnant, as there will be considerable breast enlargement in your last trimester. Have them just in case you outgrow your regular bras.

When you begin nursing, you may consider bras with full-drop cups. This allows your baby to feed efficiently and discreetly. You can also add more bras since you may be more assured of your size.

What You Need to look for in a nursing bra

  • Consider buying bras with cups that can be easily unhooked and pulled down.
  • Go for a well-fitted nursing bra that meets your nursing needs without straining your breasts, shoulders, and back. Too tight bras can cause plugged ducts or mastitis.
  • Wait until you birth your baby before ordering more bras. Your breasts will likely be a cup bigger than they were during pregnancy once you deliver.

Our Top Picks

4. Breastfeeding Tanks and Dresses

Nursing tanks are must-have Breastfeeding products for new moms. Like your favorite nursing bra, these dresses have a clip-on strap. When undone, the trap allows you to fold down the top panel for easy nursing.

Some breastfeeding tanks are intended to serve as a bottom layer under your clothes. They often have a built-in nursing bra, and you don’t need to wear an extra one.

However, if your tank only has a shelve bra, you still have to put on your nursing bra for breast support.

Also, these clothes are easy to wear. If you have no issue exposing your chest, you may wear a throw-on sweater or shirt on top, and you’re good to go.

Worthy of considering when buying a nursing tank is your breastfeeding needs. If you’re planning regular pumping, you can go for a nursing tank that allows you to breastfeed and pump hands-free.

What you must look out for

  • Comfort; go for comfortable fabric and sizes
  • Consider the Purpose; your tank should offer an easy way of breastfeeding. Also, consider whether you want breast support so that you go for those with a fitted nursing bra. Some tanks also have pockets for pads, but be sure to change the pads as often as possible.
  • Pumping needs; if you have to do a lot of pumping, Choose a tank that allows both pumping and nursing.

Our Top Picks

Find your Best Nursing Tank here.


5. Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are a must-have breastfeeding product for moms who plan to hang around public places.

They operate more like tanks only that are not wearable like a cloth. Besides having your breastfeeding tanks, having something to shield your chest while your young one enjoys his meal can be relaxing and provide privacy.

Additionally, they play a crucial role in shielding your baby from the sun or wind if you’re breastfeeding outside. Covering them becomes part of soothing and can allow them to fall asleep when they are full.

Additionally, as your baby grows and becomes aware of his surroundings, nursing covers may help prevent breastfeeding distractions.

What to look for

  • Consider a nursing cover that is easy to use and adjust. a fussy, hungry baby will not give you much time to prepare
  • Go for something wide for more considerable coverage. This will boost your confidence when nursing in public.
  • Be sure to go for soft and breathable fabric. This ensures that your young one stays safe and comfortable.

Our Top Picks


6. Maternity Nursing Sleep Shirts & Nightgowns

As a new mom, you’ll wake up several times in the first few months after birth to nurse your baby. You may get up about 4-6 times at night for nursing sessions.

Having a nursing sleep shirt or gown will go a long way in easing your breastfeeding sessions during the night while keeping you warm.

Most nursing sleepwear is designed for comfort and convenience.

They have access- front flaps, clips, or hidden zippers to allow you to get the job done easily.

Nursing sleepwear comes in various styles. You may choose a gown, pants and shirt set, or shorts and top.

Whatever style you choose, ensure that it allows quick access to the breast without much drama with your fussy baby. Remember, it’s at night, and you don’t want to keep your baby crying for long as you struggle to undress.

Nursing sleepwear is also crucial because it accommodates different breastfeeding styles, like side-lying positions.

Unlike nursing tanks, these gowns are made of materials comfortable for sleeping. Some are also made with extra pads to prevent leaky breasts from staining your sheets.

What to look for

  • While shopping for maternity nursing sleep shirts, buy something that is comfortable and fits you loosely.
  • Should allow an easy nursing access
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Multi functional in that you may still use it before and after maternity.

Out Top Picks

7. Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are essential breastfeeding items for people who want to express milk for future use. They provide an easy way of getting milk from your breast for storage.

With emerging trends of working women, immediately after childbirth, you must start thinking about a return-to-work formula.

You want to ensure that you stock enough milk for your young one to use while at work.

And not just that.

Sometimes you can express milk to relieve engorgement or to manage an overabundant milk supply.

In the past, midwives trained new moms to express their milk manual using their hands. Today breast pumps have gained popularity due to their efficiency and ability to quickly collect a lot of milk.

There is a variety of breast pumps in the market. Depending on your needs, you may buy a manual or electrical pump.

If you plan to pump occasionally, a manual pump will be ideal for you. These pumps are easy to operate. You only need to squeeze a lever with your hand, and the milk drips.

However, if you’re returning to work or plan to build up your stock, then,go for a double electric pump. Electrical pumps are easy to use and less time-consuming.

What You Need to look for

Your needs. A manual pump may be ideal for you if you’re planning to pump occasionally. However, if you plan to fill your freezer with breast milk, go for an electrical pump.

Our top picks

8. Breast Milk Storage Bags and Containers

Breast milk storage bags are a must-have breastfeeding essential for collecting and storing breast milk.

They are necessary breastfeeding essentials for mothers who plan on pumping their milk. Breast milk storage bags are designed to store milk for a long period. Also, they can withstand the freezing and thawing of milk.

Depending on your needs and your freezer size, you may use breast milk storage bags, plastic bottles, or food-safe glass containers.

Be sure to go for BPA-free storage containers and FDA -approved. Also, it should be designed specifically for breast milk storage.

Most women go for Breast milk storage bags because they are relatively thicker and do not need much space in the freezer.

Additionally, they have milliliter makers on the side to accurately measure the milk quantity stored. You can thus remove the required amount of milk, warm it, and feed your baby.

What You Need to Look For

  • BPA-free and FDA -approved and specifically made for breast milk storage
  • Capacity
  • Easy of handling
  • Ease of cleaning

Our Top Picks

Best overall: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

9.Nipple Creams and Ointment

Nipple creams and ointments are must-have breastfeeding products for new moms.

Once in a while, especially in your earlier months of breastfeeding, you may experience a sore or cracked nipple. As your baby learns to latch and have a good grip on your breast, you may experience a lot of straining that results in nipple fissures.

Besides practicing a good latch, nipple creams and ointments can be helpful in moisturizing, soothing, and healing dry, cracked, and sore nipples.

You will find a variety of these creams in the market. However, many new moms find Lanolin-based nipple creams effective and soothing. You may also go for a natural nipple cream. Just shop around and see what works for you.

What You Need Look for

  • Purpose; be sure to look for creams and ointments meant explicitly for the nipples. Carefully read the instruction for safety.

Our Top Picks

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10. Breast Shells

Breast shells are pretty unpopular and may never be a must-have for every mom. This lightweight circular discs were designed to act as a corrective measure for flat or inverted nipples.

However, many of those who buy them end up wearing them inside their bra between feedings to help collect breastmilk that may leak.

Unlike nursing pads that absorb the milk drops from your breast, breast shells are designed to collect every drop for future use.

Also, when breastfeeding on one side, the other breast may end up dripping due to stimulation. You can wear your breasts shell on one breast while breastfeeding on the other to help catch breast milk that may leak between feedings.

Breast shells can be helpful. Besides helping manage leaky breasts and drawing out inverted nipples, they can also act as a barrier, thus protecting your sore and blistered nipples from rubbing against your clothes.

If you’re worried about the possibility of this product enlarging your burst, worry not, mama.

Breast shells are discreet and can’t be easily seen through your bra. They consist of holes that allow free air circulation, making them very conducive if you suffer from sore nipples.

Be sure to keep them clean and sterilized to avoid infections.

What You Need to Look for;

  • Look for a BPA –FREE product made from good-grade material to ensure the safety of breastmilk for your baby.
  • Be sure to look for soft silicone material that can reduce the pressure on breasts. It should also fit you snugly.

Our Top Picks

Find your best breast shells here;Shop now on Amazon

11. Nipple Shield

Nipple shields are breastfeeding products that will come in handy during the first few weeks of nursing.

They help babies who have difficulty latching by acting like a longer, firmer nipple, thus preventing you from feeling nipple pain when your newborn latches.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a nipple shield acts like a second breast nipple. It consists of tiny holes at the end that allow breast milk to flow from your nipple to your baby’s mouth.

Some circumstances that require the use of a nipple shield include;

  • Having a premature baby who still needs support to latch on to a human nipple.
  • Having inverted or flat nipples that need to be elongated
  • Having very soft breasts that do not allow good latching. A nipple shield can make it feel more firm.
  • Suffering from sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples from a poor latch. Wearing a shield gives your nipples time to heal.
  • You’re transitioning your baby from a bottle to breastfeeding.

While nipple shield has a lot of things to offer a nursing mother, lactation specialists recommend that you stop using them once the desired out is achieved.

Too much use of a nipple shield can interfere with your milk supply due to a lack of breast stimulation.

Also, there is slightly less milk transfer which can lead to mastitis because your baby isn’t fully emptying your breast each feeding.

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What You Need to Look for

  • Determine your need
  • Look for the correct size
  • Sterilize your nipple shield before its first use

Our Top Picks

Best overall: Madela Contact Nipple Shield

12. Nursing Station

Most moms find having a dedicated space for nursing an essential part of breastfeeding.

A cozy nursing station promotes longer breastfeeding sessions by allowing you comfort, relaxation, and quietness. It can also encourage bonding with your newborn by providing a distraction-free space.

Additionally, a nursing station can help you organize your breastfeeding essentials in one place, making it easier to locate and reach out whenever you need them.

As you pack your maternity bag, be sure also to brainstorm possible places you can use as a nursing station.

Many new mothers find using a baby nursery a viable option. Provided a space you’ve chosen guarantees peace and comfortable; you’re good to go.

What makes an effective nursing station?

  • A quiet space that is always available for you and your baby
  • A comfortable nursing chair
  • A leg stool for comfort
  • A cabinet for breastfeeding essentials like nipple pads, creams, and pumps
  • A magazine wallet with a few books to keep you busy, especially if the baby seems to fall asleep after feeding sessions
  • Socket for phone charging

13. Lactation Aid and a Water Bottle for Milk Increment

Breastfeeding can be a demanding job. Besides having your regular healthy diet, you may also want to add a lactation cookie or tea for more milk production.

I understand that most nursing moms do not require this regularly. However, if you’re struggling with your letdown, it may be wise to consider having one.

Also, consider drinking quite a lot of water.

Sometimes you will notice that you feel thirsty every moment you begin to breastfeed. Having a water bottle close to you helps you get that needed water without postponing.

Drinking water is very healthy for breastfeeding moms. It helps to keep you hydrated and energized while giving a boost to your milk supply.

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Here are our top picks for lactation aids and water bottles.


14. Lactation Breast Massager

A lactation massager is a handheld device developed by lactation consultants to help women ease daily breastfeeding challenges.

This massager is a must-have device for women who suffer from clogged ducts. It’s also effective in speeding up milk letdown and maintaining a consistent milk flow.

Additionally, it helps to reduce discomfort from engorgement, thus lowering the risk of mastitis.

Breast massagers are easy to use. Plug it in an electrical socket, and as it vibrates, you can move it around your breast.

What to look for;

  • Easy to use
  • Buy a massager that is BPA-free and made from Food Grade Material:
  • Portability. It should be easy to move around with your massager
  • Get a massager that can store energy for longer

Our Top Picks

LaVie Lactation Massager for Breastfeeding

15. Baby Diaper Bag for On-The Go Activities

If you’re wondering what a diaper bag has to do with breastfeeding, pray so hard that you’ll never have to go out with your baby.


what about the wellness clinics? or a road trip for fun?

Diaper bags nowadays is a new mom’s best handbag. After all, they house all the feeding and nursing essentials like feeding bottles, bibs, baby wipes, creams, and covers. Most of these bags come with partitions that can help you easily separate and organize your baby’s stuff.

What to look for;

  • Ease of carrying
  • Space
  • Durability

Our Top Picks

Take Away

Breastfeeding is a natural long-term exercise that requires a lot of support. Once in a while, you will encounter breast pain, low milk supply, or general maternal fatigue. Besides having your breastfeeding essentials, you must learn to seek support from lactation consultants on the best nursing practices to avoid burnout. Also, get the best breastfeeding products to enhance your comfort as you concentrate on these nobble courses.

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