A Review of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Pregnancy-Related Stretch Marks- (Is It Worth Your Penny?

Hey mama, have you struggled with stretch marks during pregnancy? Well. My story is of a sad mother who came to experience stretch marks for the first time during pregnancy.

At first, I wasn’t bothered. I had other things to deal with, especially in the final trimester.

There’s exercising to prepare for labor, eating for the two, and of course, a lot of napping.

After giving birth, somehow, everything was falling in place except these indented streaks that appeared on my abdomen and hips.

Gha! I hated seeing them through the mirror. I had to watch my wardrobe collection to ensure no single stretch mark peeped through the dress. And worse of it all, I couldn’t take any nasty comments from anyone concerning them. Yes, they are mine, and they don’t pain.

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But how long was I to hide this feeling of dislike and self-rejection?

Of course, not for so long. So I decided to have a meeting with my inner self and resolved the following;

First, I must work on my mind to make peace with myself that stretchmarks sometimes can last long, especially if you’re planning to have more kids.

Second I have to try and see if there are products I could use to lessen their appearance.

That is how I came across Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for stretch marks and pregnancy skin care.

Honestly, I’ve tried many products, but Palmer’s cocoa butter has done something for me.

If you’re having issues with pregnancy-related stretch marks, this is a must–try product.

But Before I go into the nitty-gritty of how this product helped me, let’s first have an overview of stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks

These are indented streaks that appear in various colors on your skin. Some are red, pink, black, purple, or silver stretches. These marks mostly appear on the stomach, bottom, thigh, and hips during pregnancy.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur when your body expands and your skin stretches. According to research, 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women will experience stretch marks.

As the bump grows, you’re likely to add weight. Consequently, hormonal changes during pregnancy may increase the risk of having stretch marks.

Some of these hormones make your skin relax and easier to tear when stretched.

For instance, the increased cortisone hormone produced by adrenaline glands may weaken your skin’s elastic fibers, making it vulnerable to stretch marks.

How does Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion help with stretch marks?

I must admit that I don’t know how it worked, but I had to dig deeper into the ingredients for this review. Based on their catalog;

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a deeply moisturizing body lotion ideal for pregnancy-related stretch marks. It contains collagen, elastin, argan oil, and shear butter.

But how does this blend of natural oil help your body?


According to the Cleveland Clinic, collagen plays a significant role in strengthening your skin.

Elastin is responsible for resiliency in elastic fibers, thus allowing tissues in your body to stretch out and shrink back easily.

The Argan, on the other hand, is plant oil derived from the Argan tree, mostly found in morocco. This oil is used for culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes.

According to a study, Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, promoting healthy skin. It also reduces inflammation, enhances skin hydration, and improves skin elasticity.

Consequently, it contains a blend of Shea butter, a strong antioxidant with significant levels of vitamins A and E, to prevent premature aging and improve skin appearance.

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My Experience With Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion

I started using this lotion way after the birth of my firstborn. At first, a friend recommended bio-oil, which was excellent; however, at that time, I couldn’t afford it consistently.

I needed something pocket-friendly that, once I began, I could apply for a while without breaks to see whether it truly worked for me.

I got Palmer cocoa butter lotion after reading a few reviews from pregnant moms.

Honestly, I used it for like a month and stopped. Since I was not pregnant and living in the coastal region, I found it too oily. I would sweat a lot, so I stopped and went back to using my normal cream.

Come late, 2017; I got pregnant again. By the time I was six months into it, the drama of bump itchiness and the appearance of stretch marks began.

And that is when I reached out for another Palmer Cocoa Butter Lotion bottle. Since then, I haven’t thought of any other pregnancy lotion away from this one.

What do I like about this lotion during pregnancy?

  • It’s non-greasy with a deep moisturizing ability; I m one of those mamas who get really dry skin during pregnancy. Applying this lotion gives me great relief from skin dryness and itchiness, especially on the baby bump.
  • Improves skin texture; honestly, after applying this lotion during pregnancy, my skin texture and tone improved. No whiteness. No crankiness on the legs.
  • Elimination of stretch marks; I guess the natural ingredients are responsible for enhancing moisture retention and reducing the appearance of marks and scars. This is the sole reason why I bought it, and truly it hasn’t disappointed.
  • Great cocoa butter smell; I loved and still like that cocoa butter scent. But if it irritates you during pregnancy, you may need to think twice before buying this lotion.
  • Fair pricing that is pocket friendly. At least compared to other pregnancy anti-stretch marks, this lotion is among the few fair-priced yet effective for stretch marks. I mentioned earlier that I was to buy bio-oil but wait, I couldn’t afford it.

How I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

No magic, mama. I used to apply it on the whole body, apart from the face, two times a day. In the morning, for an all-day moisturizing. I’ll also apply in the evening or at night after that warm bath for relaxation and a better night’s sleep.


  • Improves skin elasticity, texture, and tone
  • visibly  reduces the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy
  • plant-based ingredients that accommodate different skin types
  • non-greasy with deep moisturizing ability, thus enhancing all-day hydration
  • suitable for use during and after pregnancy
  • Creates a protective moisture barrier for expanding the baby bump, thus preventing dryness and itchiness on your belly
  • does not contain mineral oil, parabens, or irritant fragrance allergens
  • Hypoallergenic, thus  suitable for whole body application and sensitive skin
  • It can still work on your stretch marks long after childbirth


  • Takes time to see the result, probably a month.
  • If you don’t like the smell of cocoa butter, especially during pregnancy, keep off
  • The rate of absorption is quite slow and may feel sticky, so be sure to use it sparingly
  • Does not work for everyone.


  • Deep moisturizing body lotion
  • Stretch mark lotion for pregnant moms

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What is the best way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Many factors cause stretch marks during pregnancy, including hormones and genes. While you can’t guarantee control over them, you may try preventing their occurrence and reducing their visibility.

Try to Control your weight through a well-balanced diet and exercise. Ensure that your body remains moisturized by drinking lots of water and applying moisture. Having good anti-stretch mark moisturizers as early as 6 months can help lower the risk of having too many stretch marks or prevent their appearance altogether.

When can I expect my stretch marks to go away?

Pregnancy stretch marks may lighten in appearance about six months after birth. They change from red or pink indent streaks to a less noticeable silvery gray or pale glistening color within a few months after delivery.

Try to make peace with yourself that these lines may be there for a while, especially if you’ve left them to disappear on their own. You may also try applying anti-stretch mark lotion and creams to reduce their appearance faster.

Which cream is best for stretch marks during pregnancy?

There is no bad or good cream, only what works for you or the majority. When sourcing for a stretch mark cream during pregnancy, consider if you want a cream with fragrance or fragrance-free.

Carefully look into the ingredients list. Some creams may blend ingredients with potential irritants, especially for sensitive skin. Go for products with natural oil like argan, rosehip oil, aloe vera, nut butter, and vitamins A&E.

Also, avoid creams with retinoids as they are not recommended for pregnant and nursing moms. Based on experience, research, and other mamas’ reviews, I may recommend;

♦ Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks

♦ Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, Body Oil for Scars and Stretchmarks,

♦ Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter Skin Care, Pregnancy Lotion & Stretch Mark Cream

When should you start using belly oil when pregnant?

Using belly oil during pregnancy helps to moisturize the stretchy skin on your bump to prevent dryness. Similarly, you can also use belly oil on other body parts like your thighs, legs, and hands for moisturization.

The ideal time to use your belly oil is as soon as you realize you’re pregnant and continue after delivery. Most belly oil helps with deep moisturization of skin during pregnancy and helps to lower the risk of developing stretch marks.

If you don’t like the fragrance in the first trimester due to morning sickness, you may have to wait till your second trimester.

Which oil is best for pregnancy stretch marks?

There are different natural oil that you can use to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. And one of them is Organic Argan essential oil.

Many studies suggest that Argan oil, a natural product derived from the kernels of the Argan tree, can improve your skin’s elasticity. By enhancing your skin’s elasticity, this oil can reduce breakages and prevent stretch marks.

However, you should not apply it directly to your skin since it’s an essential oil. Ensure you dilute it with a carrier oil like pure coconut, which can also act as a moisturizer.


Is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion Worthy Of Your Penny?

Definitely yes. Based on my experience and other mothers’ reviews, I can confidently recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion as a stretch mark reliever during pregnancy.

Besides preventing or elevating the appearance of your stretch marks, this lotion will leave your belly moisturized all day.


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The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. I’m not a health practitioner and as such, this information should not be used as a substitute for consultation with your professional service provider.
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