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21 Monthly Healthy Lifestyle Checks for Every Woman With a Growth Mindset

Do you want to create a winning strategy for your physical, mental and spiritual life?

Well, girl

You’ve got to plan, execute, learn and adjust your healthy lifestyle habits.

Ever since life declared me “a full grown-up of sound mind,” I’ve meandered through circumstances trying to make it.

And in the long run, I’ve come to one conclusion.

Literal, there is no shortcut to growth.

Whether looking for financial freedom, building a lasting relationship, or maintaining a healthy body, you must work for it.

Set realistic goals, including a plan of how to accomplish them. Then go ahead and execute your plan. Keep on working, keep learning, and adjust until you’re comfortable with what works for you.

This post highlights monthly lifestyle checks for every woman with a growth mindset -who desires a healthy body.

Are you tired of stagnation and want slight self-improvement?

Then, keep reading on.

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1. A Vision Board to Keep You on Track

A vision board is a collection of things you wish to have presented as images and words. It’s simply writing down and presenting your goals in imagery for inspiration or motivation purposes.

Everyone dreams. No wonder a philosopher once said that if dreams were wishes, even beggars would ride on them.

The only difference is that some people follow through with their wishes to see them actualize into reality, while others do nothing or sit and wait for miracles.

Vision boards are effective because of the visual aspect. According to Dr. Odundo, a Psychologist and lecturer at Mt.Zodok College of Psychology, having a visual board and looking at it often produces a similar effect on your mind, just like constant repetition does.

It helps your subconscious mind to register what you want and work towards achieving it.

Also, it’s easier for your brain to read images and stick with them longer than words.

That is why finding images of things you want to accomplish and sticking them in a strategic place can help you work towards your goals.

A well-framed vision board is a source of daily encouragement.

It is a powerful visualization technique that boosts mood, promotes emotional health, and propels you toward achievement. 

You can create your vision board on if you have time and love designing.

Alternatively, head to Amazon and get a vision board kit to organize your goals. 

Additionally, you may choose a Goal Planner with a provision for a Vision board template. It will help o foster your goals and is presented in the woman with a daring spirit monthly planner.

2. A Good Book for Mental Growth

Reading is an excellent way of enhancing your focus, memory, and communication skills.

Reading takes you around other people’s perceptions and ideologies. By so doing, you get to grow and expand your mental faculty.

Books are goldmines for knowledge.

You get to learn life lessons, hardships, love, and fear. They take you into your past, return you to the present and drive you right into your future. 

Also, a good book can be an excellent relaxation strategy for managing stress and helping you live longer.

It takes you away from your worries and locks you in the author’s world. For instance, reading a book about marketing from a marketing guru gives you a chance to look deeper into your practices.

Reading enhances your environmental awareness, thus enabling you to succeed in your work and relationships. 

Commit to reading at least one book per month. Having a collection of books for your home library can inspire your generation.

To start with;

I am yet to find a great person with a growth mindset who doesn’t read. If you’ve come across one, kindly name them here!

3. Meditation for De-cluttering and Spiritual Nourishment

Meditation is a technique for settling the mind. It’s about mindfulness, awareness of what is happening in your mind, and taking charge.

Meditation brings clarity of mind, emotional calmness, and peace.

It mainly involves deep breathing techniques with special emphasis on mindfulness, gratitude, body scan, loving-kindness, and transcendental meditation.

Meditation can help improve a person’s mental well-being, reduce anxiety, improve self-control, better self-care, and less pain.

According to research, meditation techniques, like yoga, can improve mental clarity and calmness. This reduces the risk of having chronic stress patterns and can foster relaxation and concentration.

Additionally, ensure you journal to wind up your day.

Journaling is a great tool for mental health.Additionally, you can get other meditation tools to help you to empty your mind, recognize your fears and grow your skills.Having tools like The Empowering Question Cards can be an excellent way to prompt your imagination.

For best results, ensure you incorporate meditation as part of your everyday life. 10-minute meditation daily is better than 30 min session done once in a while.


4. Few Minutes of Exercise for Physical Fitness

Physical activities help to keep our bodies fit. They enhance the proper operation of your system and metabolism. Also, regular physical activity can improve your brain health.

Fitness experts note that right after a session of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, one may experience improved thinking and lower anxiety.

Regular physical activity stimulates thinking, learning and improves judgmental skills as you age.

It can also lower depression and anxiety by promoting a night of better sleep.

Additionally, it helps manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, and improve your energy for everyday activities. 

  • Get a skipping rope with a calorie counter to keep track of your effort.
  • Head over to YouTube and join a Zumba dance
  • Do Aerobics
  • Evening dog walking is also an opportunity for you to keep active and fit.


5. A Healthy Smoothie for Detox

Detoxification is s short-term dietary intervention for cleansing your body system. It helps to eliminate toxins leaving you healthy. 

Even though your body’s mechanism can naturally remove toxins through the liver, studies show that other chemicals may stick in your blood for some time.

For instance, persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals, and phthalates are among the few substances that your body’s natural cleansing processes may not easily remove.

That is why detoxifying your body once in a while becomes necessary.

Typical detoxification involves defining a period where you will focus on dietary changes that promote healthy body system functioning.

During this period, you may choose to fast for one or more days to rest your organs. Afterward, you may follow a strict diet of healthy foods by limiting yourself to fruit, vegetables, smoothies, fresh fruit juices, lemon water, and plain water.

Some people also choose to include herbs, supplements, colon cleansers, and herbal teas in their detox to enhance the process.

By fasting during the detoxification period, you allow your organs to rest. Similarly, you enhance blood circulation and improve your liver functionality of toxin elimination.

Detoxification helps to reset your body.

By so doing, you get a boost in energy, strengthen immunity, and improve health. Short-term or intermittent fasting supports healthy digestion and improves leptin and insulin sensitivity.

 6. A Good Diet Plan for a Healthy Body

According to the world health organization, a healthy diet provides the nutrients necessary to protect your body against diseases.

A good diet will fortify your immunity and lower the risk of contracting non-communicable diseases like blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

Ensure you eat a nutrient-dense diet with various food from different food groups.The best way to keep track of your diet is to have a meal plan, and ensuring you include all the food groups in that plan.

  • Eating plenty of dark leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains
  • Eat low-fat dairy products, poultry, legumes, nuts, and vegetable oils, limiting your saturated and trans fat intake, like fatty meats. Instead, go for vegetable oil.
  • Avoid drinks and foods with added sugars.
  • Limit your salt intake to about 2,300 daily.
  • Do more healthy soups like bone broth, Lentil Soup, mushroom, and oat soup.
  • Do not forget probiotic food for gut health, like yogurt, kefir, and fermented foods.

Quick tips for a healthy diet

  • Avoid soft drinks and drink more water or herbal tea.
  • Eat more fresh produce.
  • Limit refined carbohydrates and eat more whole grains.
  • Consuming whole fruits as snacks instead of refined juices.
  • Eat more white meat and less red or processed meats.
  • Eat lean protein, like eggs, tofu, and fish.
  • Include nuts and legumes in your diet.

7. Ladies’ Day Out for a Hearty Laugh

Going out with friends occasionally can Increase your sense of belonging. Genuine friends can help you identify your purpose, enhance your confidence and boost your happiness.

Ladies’ day out is meant for a hearty laugh.

Call your girlfriend (s), and go to a quiet place. Allow yourself to evaluate how you’re doing in life. Be it your business, your family, or your personal space. Laugh, cry or encourage. Whatever you think of doing, ensure you open up and let go.

Good friends will give you emotional support, ideas to cope with challenges, and a sense of belonging.

Having people to confide in can help reduce loneliness, anxiety, and despair while promoting accountability and personal growth.

8. Body Massage for Muscle Relaxation

Gone are the days when body massages were considered luxurious activity. With ever-demanding daily work, having a massage helps to promote emotional and physical well-being.

The gentle stroke your therapist applies on your muscles and joints enhances blood circulation, thus easing pain and muscle tension in your body.

Additionally, gentle massages contribute to emotional well-being. It can boost moods, lower stress, anxiety, fatigue, and improve sleep.

If you enjoy scents, then try aromatherapy massages.

Combining essential oil scents and gentle strokes to exert pressure on your muscles can leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to live your life to the fullest.

If you don’t like frequent visits to massage parlors, you may as well get massagers for the neck and back with heat.

9. One more Idea for Financial Growth

I believe everyone likes to be financially free. Financial freedom gives you control over your time and life.

It provides the flexibility to engage in what you love and greater peace of mind.

Therefore, you must always try to generate ideas that can add a dollar to your account. It does not matter how small or wired the idea seems at the moment. 

When you start implementing, you can gain clarity or unveil a more significant path that could grant financial exploitation.

A few ways to get business ideas include turning your pain into purpose. What troubles you might be troubling someone else, and by thinking about a sustainable solution, you may get to add a penny to your account.

Also, you may get insights from your existing business, family members, or friends.

Think about your existing skills as a spark for new business ideas. Keep an eye on current events and trends, creating new market needs.

Also, journal more.

Journaling helps you to release your thoughts and feelings on paper. Through journaling, you get what matters to you most by keeping track of your writing. This is essentially your purpose.

10. More Water for Hydration

Water is very crucial for life. It is hard to talk about a healthy lifestyle without mentioning water intake.

According to Science, your body comprises about 60 % of water. And this composition varies with gender and age.

Having enough water daily can maximize your physical performance. It also enhances your energy level and brain performance.

Losing as little as 1.5 % – 2% water content can significantly impair your physical performance. You will experience altered body temperature, reduced motivation, persistent headaches, and increased fatigue.

Naturally, we constantly lose water through simple activities like sweating, breathing, and urinating. Sometimes you may experience vomiting or a running stomach which increases the amount of water loss.

Drinking eight glasses of water daily can be a great way to stay hydrated.

Once in a while (say two days a week,) go overboard and drink 1-2 liters of water first thing in the morning.

Ensure you do this within a short span. The result will be frequent urination. But I guarantee you to feel much better and energized throughout the day.

Here are the best water bottles with trackers to help you hit your target.

11. A herbal Tea for Refreshment

Herbal teas have existed for centuries. They are made from certain herbs’ leaves, fruits, flowers, and bark. They come in various tastes and flavors with healthy properties.

In ancient days, these herbs were used as natural remedies to heal various ailments.

Modern Science has begun to embrace the use of different herbs for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Here is a list of herbal tea to add to your refreshments.

Chamomile tea; contains calming properties and is mostly taken as a sleep aid.

Peppermint tea; contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. They are popularly used to support digestive tract health.

Ginger tea; fights inflammation and stimulates the immune system, Relieving nausea and period cramps. It may also help prevent stomach ulcers and aid in indigestion. 

Green Tea. Contains polyphenols and antioxidant properties. Excellent for detoxification, boosting brain fat loss, and heart health.

Moringa oleifera tea; is an excellent source of antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. It’s a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. It may help lower cholesterol and blood sugar

12. A good Facial Exfoliation for a Radiant Look

Hey mama, they say, “look good; feel good.”


Aside from working hard and making money, self-love is also important. Having a good facial exfoliation is an act of self-love and the reward system your brain is waiting for to get motivated.

Once in a while, pass by your favorite beauty parlor and make your nails. Do a thorough facial massage for a radiant look.

You may also buy your home facial exfoliator kit consisting of the following;

Facial massage will help clear away dry and dead skin, leaving you with a radiance, clarity, and youthful look. Above all, do not forget to add a facial toner for an even and nourished skin. Try a dermatologist approved toner with Hezel herbs and Coconut water like THAYERS for a great feel.


13. Family Dinner for Bonding and Teaching Life Skills

No matter how busy you seem, always ensure that you create time for a family dinner at least once a week. You need to bond as you wind up your week.

Psychologists suggest that children who eat regular family dinners experience less depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. This leads to higher self-esteem.

When a family sits down together, you can use the opportunity to check on an individual’s well-being.

It creates a sense of togetherness and can help you handle the stresses of daily life, knowing that you have a great support system.

Better family values and relationships are taught during or after dinners. You may seize the opportunity to teach life skills, money matters and raise smart street children through family games. 

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14. Media-free Day for Personal Reflection

Once in a while, have a social media detox. This will help you overcome the fear of missing out( FoMO).

FoMO is a term that describes a perception of missing out or wanting so badly to fit in or measure up to certain expectations.

Addiction to social media can push one to want to measure up to trends, and if you can not fit in, you may experience negative life issues like stress and anxiety.

In fact, one study associates social networking site addiction with a range of negative life experiences. According to this study, FoMO can affect your mental health, social functioning and lead to sleep disorders.

Additionally, it creates low academic performance and productivity in youths. 

If your social media causes a sense of inadequacy, you may experience FoMO-related anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Try as much as possible to have media-free days for personal reflection. Switch off Facebook, Instagram, and televisions.

Reconnect with the real world by intentionally reaching out to friends who can come through for you when in need. Protect your privacy by minimizing posting on social media.

15. One More Friend for Networking

True friendship is priceless, and it can be the helping hand you need for your next level. The main reason for networking is to make new friends. This friend can turn up to be an industry acquaintance or a business partner. 

Over time networking and new relationships have proved to quicken career progress. 

And not just that.

Getting quitted to like-minded people can enhance your knowledge through shared ideas. It can also create new opportunities, become a source of new perspectives, raise your profile and increase your confidence.

Here are a few ways to network for introverts;

  • Make sure you stay connected to what is happening in your area of interest. Challenge yourself to Show up for events once in a while. It does not matter whether it’s physical or virtual.
  • Try to be relevant by speaking and contributing in events. This makes you visible.
  • Concentrate on a smaller networking event that allows you to focus on a specific interest. You will likely find it easier to talk to new friends about something you’re passionate about.

16. Family Sports Day

Organizing a family sports day can be an excellent way of bonding while nurturing young talent and confidence.

Children who engage in family activities like sporting and exercise grow up to be collaborative and confident about their abilities.

Also, family sports day is an excellent way to have fun, create memories and enhance togetherness. Your children get the opportunity to showcase their talents.

You may also invite one or two families for more fun and bonding. 

Here are a few Benefits of family sports day;

  • Improve fitness
  • Build leadership and teamwork skills
  • Improve social skills
  • Develop discipline

If you are wondering about engaging activities for kids, do not worry. Here are examples of activities your kids may like;

  • Egg and spoon race
  • Obstacle course
  • Dancing competition
  • Go swimming together
  • Hiking

17. Community Service Day for Charity Work

Charity begins at home. Well, that is what they say. 

However, it must spread around. And somehow allow others, especially the less fortunate ones, to enjoy what you have. 

Engaging in community service is a way of showing gratitude for what you have.

You may choose to give love and hope by visiting a children’s home. Once in a while, you can donate what you no longer use. One man’s garbage is another man’s gold.

Ensure you engage in cleaning exercises. This activity shows how much you care for the environment and can portray you as a role model, especially if you’re doing it with your children.

If you have a business, you can also use the opportunity to create awareness and sell your brand.

You can get marching family wear for the exercise, like; The Halloween Jumpsuit,  Christmas Pajamas, and Astronaut Pajamas.

Community service and charity work can help enrich your life. It will connect you to people and create opportunities to expand your network.


18. A Body Mass Index (BMI )Check Will Save a Day

Your body mass index is a good indicator of your body fat content. It’s used to gauge your likelihood or degree of risk exposure to diseases related to body fat. The higher your BMI, the more likely you are to contract certain diseases.

According to medics, a person with a higher BMI is at risk of contracting heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

In most cases, your healthcare provider will measure and compare your height and weight and advise accordingly.

Thus, it is healthy to conduct a BMI check as a control measure. Other healthy checkups you may be interested in doing include;

  • Your blood sugar
  • Thyroid function test
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels.
  • Pap smear test and pelvic exams.
  • Sexual health screenings.

19. A Night of Good Sleep for Body Rest

Getting enough good sleep is as good as eating healthy meals. A night of good sleep enhances proper brain functions, supports healthy immunity, helps your body metabolisms, and may help maintain or lose weight.

According to studies, there is a strong connection between sleep quality and brain functions.

 One study shows that long hours of sleep can enhance your Cognition abilities, concentration, and productivity.

People who get enough sleep tend to have better problem-solving skills as opposed to those who do not get enough sleep.

Also, sleeping less than 7 hours have been associated with obesity, a factor that can threaten your health.

Try to get enough sleep by;

  • Creating and sticking to a sleep schedule and routine. Ensure you go to bed and get up at the same time daily to reinforce your body’s sleep-wake cycle.
  • Pay close attention to your food and drink before going to bed. Do not go to bed hungry or stuffed up. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks just before bed.
  • Create a peaceful and restful environment. 
  • Limit daytime naps.
  • Incorporate some relaxation techniques like taking a bath before going to bed.
  • Learn to Manage your anxiety and worries.

 20. Avoid Alcohol Consumption and Stay Sober

Consuming alcohol has been associated with health issues like mental and behavioral disorders.

 According to CDC, prolonged alcohol consumption can lead to certain diseases like liver cirrhosis, cancers, and heart diseases.

Also, individuals operating under the influence of alcohol can be violent and often experience road accidents and collisions when driving.

The WHO recommends avoiding alcohol if you want a healthy life.

Similarly, Smoking tobacco can lower the quality of your life and cause NCDs like stroke, lung disease, and heart disease.

If you are currently an alcoholic or a smoker, it’s not too late to quit. Contact your healthcare provider or relevant anti-drug agencies near you for professional help.

21. Time to Applaud Your Baby Step with a Glass of Wine

A journey of a thousand miles usually begins with a single step. And having the courage to take your first step and keep moving despite challenges is commendable.

Learn to celebrate your efforts no matter how insignificant the result may seem.

Recognizing and celebrating your achievements gives you a chance to analyze your ability. In the process, you can pinpoint your strength, what exactly worked and what needs improvement.

Reflecting on your achievement can also boost your self-confidence and motivate you to achieve more.

Buy yourself a gift to mark the milestone. Go out for dinner or a movie to express gratitude to ourselves.


A monthly healthy lifestyle check can go a long way in improving the quality of your life. You grow mentally, build your social life and enhance your physical well-being.


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