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With three kids of different ages, I have learned that parenting is a skill that can be honed. It requires continuous improvement to cope with the ever-changing lifestyle demands.

Here at, we pride ourselves in helping you become a well-versed parent who understands your needs, your children’s needs, and the community around you.

From pregnancy to parenting and dealing with your health, got you covered. I use my firsthand experience as a mom to help others maneuver through motherhood with ease.

If you’re a mom or want to become one, I believe that you may have one of the following questions; am I parenting the right way? Or how can I give my kids the best?


The answer is knowledge. Look for knowledge and pass it over.

When I first become a mother in my 20s, I was naïve with no experience besides taking care of my sister’s kids. It’s now over five years, and I love the woman I have become.

I love waking up to attend to my kids. I love putting them to sleep with educational bedtime stories. Above all, I like disciplining them with love.


Because I am purposing to become a better parent each day.

Through experience (how I grew up) and trial & error, I also have discovered that some parenting tricks work while others do not yield the intended behaviors. That is why I embarked on writing to help moms become better at what they love doing.

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“Parenting is like a deep sea. You never what is inside until you dive in, and once you’re in, you may never know everything that is inside.”
Irene Twala

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Irene Twala
As a freelance writer and a mompreneur, Irene helps mothers to hone their parental skills, learn how to start and run an online business while taking care of their health.

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